Cultural tourism and leisure

The consolidation of Majorca as a cultural tourist destination, with plenty of museums, art galleries, monuments and charming villages, is one of the fundamental interests of Ciceró dArt, which offers a wide range of high-quality cultural tourism activities on the island.

Palma, Majorca’s capital, has a large number of art galleries of great national and international importance. In fact, Palma is one of the Spanish cities with the highest number of art galleries per capita. Our galleries and exhibition centres are known for the quality of their exhibitions and the artists that they exhibit. Majorcan exhibitions display works by both traditional Balearic artists and international artists who represent the latest trends in contemporary art.

We offer the opportunity of seeing a selection of the best contemporary art while enjoying a guided tour through some of the most charming streets of Palma’s city centre.

We also offer different guided tours on a daily basis. We adapt our tour time schedules to the needs and availability of our clients (both private and groups). Therefore, it is necessary to book sufficiently in advance, either by sending an email or calling Ciceró dArt.

Personalised cultural tours

After sending a form to our client asking about his/her artistic and cultural interests, we design an exclusive guided tour adapted to his/her preferences and needs depending on the museum and art gallery exhibitions available at that point. This tour is also combined with an urban tour through the architecture of the city.


Art and wine tour

Through the combination of art and the art of wine, we offer an alternative cultural leisure activity in Palma. After a guided tour to different museums and art galleries of the city centre, we end our tour in the timeless and intimist “Lo Divino” wine bar, where you can have a glass of wine and eat some “tapas”. Dinner is optional.

Wednesdays at 6 p.m. €14

(with possibility of arranging different schedules and special days for groups)

“Street Art” tour

Palma is a city with a latent Street Art movement. This itinerary offers the possibility to discover the most spontaneous and free demonstrations of Majorcan contemporary art, touring the charming streets of the old town in search of urban artistic interventions (graffiti, sculptures, installations ….), Constantly in beautiful contrast with buildings most emblematic historical city.

Sundays at 10.30 a.m €8

(with possibility of arranging schedules and special days for groups)

Collector tour

This tour has been designed for people wanting to start collecting art and who would like to have a piece of advice, and for collectors visiting Majorca who wish to get a closer look at the artistic side of the island from a market perspective.

“Enjoy contemporary art” tour

We offer a guided tour to several museums and art galleries of Palma, so that the visitor can learn about the art movement on the island: from the great masters of the Spanish contemporary art to the latest emerging trends.

Wednesdays at 6 p.m. €10

(with possibility of arranging different schedules and special days for groups)

“Personal Cicero”

We organise one day full of cultural leisure activities on Majorca, personalised and exclusive (art exhibitions, visits to monuments, concerts, theatre …). All activities are led by an expert guide highly specialised in the historical, artistic and cultural aspects of Majorca.


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