Antoni Socías: between art and industry at Museum of Footwear and Industry (Inca, Mallorca)

17 June, 2019 8:17 am  /  Blog, Review

The exhibition “Antoni Socías: Between Art and Industry” is a critical review of the artist’s work based on a combination of different shoe designs and the works of art directly related thereto, and vice versa. The exhibition can be visited throughout the summer of 2019 at the Museum of footwear and industry (Inca, Mallorca)

In a way, Antoni Socías (Inca, Majorca, 1955) reveals his family origins and his close links to the footwear industry in Inca. He puts genealogies of ideas together to show different works of art that inspired one of the most disturbing collections of the mythical Make Up shoe brand (established in 1988 by Guillem Ferrer and part of Camper since 1991).

The artist’s work is a harmonious combination of art and footwear industry. In fact, his work escapes deliberately from the idea of uniqueness, centrality, the advantages of captive styles… The poetics of splitting realities is actually essential to understand the exhibit, the expressive effectiveness of which depends largely on the relationship between the different pieces, which have been created at different times but are entirely subordinated and interdependent with one another.

Antoni Socías is known for his ability to travel through his own creations, as if he was behind the wheel of a time machine that breaks down the barriers of evidence. The artist modifies, rearranges, reconsiders and recycles ideas, partial or full former works of art that become part of the present and also the seed of new creations with an unknown future. Running away from the conventional notion of style evolution is crucial to understand the artist’s work, how he works and how he constantly reflects on his own creations, a true artistic purpose after all.

Antoni Socías has been combining his artistic career with communication and/or design activities for brands such as Yanko and Camper for many years now, and occasionally for Carmina Shoemaker. His works have been exhibited in many countries and are displayed in important collections, including Museo Nacional de Arte Reina Sofía, Museo Artium Vitoria, Es Baluard, Fundació La Caixa, Fundación Sunyol and Centro Galego de Arte Contemporánea, amongst others.


Aina Ferrero

Antoni Socías "Poet sitting with sirens" (1978 - 2010)

Antoni Socías “Poet sitting with sirens” (1978 – 2010)

"Make up" shoes (1991) inspired by the work "Poet sitting with sirens"

“Make up” shoes (1991) inspired by the work “Poet sitting with sirens”